Trauma: Trauma can be insidious and expansive in the ways it can impact your life. It can govern your thoughts, your choices, your relationships, your reactions and your behaviors. It can impact your sleep, concentration, digestive system, memory, and plans for the future. Trauma is comprehensive in its many forms. It can be a result of something that was ongoing in your childhood - perhaps you grew up in a household with constant fighting or pervasive substance use; or you grew up in a single family home with financial strain, or maybe you are a person of color who faced racism and discrimination your whole life. Trauma can also be a result of something sudden, unexpected, and terrifying - such as being in a serious car accident, or losing your house in a fire. Trauma can result from a drastic shift in your life environment, like a loss of a job or an eviction notice. Trauma doesn't even have to be your own - it can be caused from hearing someone else's harrowing experience, from family origin stories passed down to future generations, or by watching something in a movie your brain wasn't ready to process.

Based on your needs and your life experiences, I will go at your pace and conduct sessions according to your needs. Together we can work to heal old wounds, manage current traumatic stress symptoms, and take steps to gain back control of your life. We can discover together how to make meaning of what happened and how to move forward with intention and hope.

I work extensively with all types of trauma and with people from all walks of life. From pervasive early attachment trauma to prevailing acute trauma related to mass shootings; I have substantial training to work with both individuals and families. My training includes working with an age range that spans from youth as young as 10 years old to adults as old as eighty.