Adolescents + Young Adults

Adolescents 10-18 year olds: Today's teens are expected to do so much! There is pressure to go to school (or self-motivate as you attend distance learning), complete your homework, have excellent grades, have an exceptional athletic or artistic talent that sets you apart from your peers, participate in community service, be a nice person, and get into a college everyone has heard of. And that's only part of it! There are also social stressors as you navigate how to make and maintain friendships and relationships - while also being told you have to isolate and not physically socialize - and figure out how to manage any and all stressors related to home life and family. This may be especially hard if tension at home is high due to everyone being cooped up together without any space, and/or job instability. Plus, if you don't watch that tiktok video, then you won't know what everyone is talking about in their snap stories. When do you sleep? Where is your downtime? DO YOU EVEN GET TO BE A KID?

In our work together, I will help you learn how to manage your stress and find healthy ways to cope with all that life throws at you. Together we will explore how to navigate difficult relationships and social situations as well as support you as you learn to set healthy boundaries and step away from toxic friendships and relationships. We will work together to unearth aspects of your identity that you haven't had space or felt safe enough to examine. I will teach you skills so you can better express yourself and your needs to parents and other adults in your life. I will listen as you find your voice. We can even find ways to manage your time so that you can be an impressive college candidate AND have downtime to play video games.

Young Adults 18-35 year olds: Emerging into adulthood is challenging. Add economic decline and under employment in one of the most expensive places in the county, a global pandemic, natural disasters, political divide, and social unrest; and you get an introduction into adulthood that is staggeringly demanding. Young people are gaining independence at a time where we as a society have to constantly re-orient and adjust to swiftly changing circumstances. We have to learn to make decisions in high pressure environments that may have impactful consequences. These are very difficult times to make career decisions and grow your adult identity.

I will help you sort through the chaos and focus in on what is important to you. In our work together, you will have the space and safety to explore who you are and where you want to go. We will also dig below the surface and examine how events in your past can influence the decisions make now, and how you can make new choices to change problematic behaviors. Together we can bring light to how you can live a life guided by your own values and ideas. I will support you as you move forward in the world with a newfound sense of confidence and hope for the bright future ahead of you.