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Breaking Ground

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ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP IS ACCEPTING NEW GROUP MEMBERS! CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL FOR QUESTIONS AND SIGN-UP (see contact info at bottom of this page). Group meetings are Tuesday evenings 7-8:30pm

Breaking Ground Therapy

I am a licensed psychologist who is committed to uniquely serving individuals and family systems. I support clients in navigating their complex and fast-paced lives in a way that is expressly tailored to fit into their Bay Area lifestyle. By breaking ground together, we will dig into peripheral problems in order to unearth and address more deeply rooted thoughts and behaviors. In this way, we can reclaim and cultivate wellness, bringing sustainable change to those affected by mental health challenges.

COVID-19 UPDATE - I am available for business to support those needing help immediately. I can get you scheduled within 24 hours ONLINE. For family sessions, I offer services online AND in-person sessions. Once restrictions are lifted, you can choose to continue working online or schedule in-person visits depending on your preferences.